The AtaCor EV-ICD Lead System


Beyond Transvenous,

Beyond Subcutaneous

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The revolutionary AtaCor EV-ICD Lead System is being designed to address the shortcomings of traditional transvenous and existing subcutaneous ICDs by providing reliable sensing, pacing, and shock therapies to treat bradycardia and life-threatening tachyarrhythmias—all without invading the heart or vascular system.



A simpler path to

Extravascular Defibrillation

Place it above the heart

The AtaCor EV-ICD Lead System enables extravascular, parasternal lead delivery through a small incision at the left sternal margin.

Extravascular Safety

Featuring a proprietary parasternal approach, the AtaCor EV-ICD Lead System leverages anatomical landmarks to implant its novel ShockTrac lead between the ribs and pericardium with a streamlined path from device pocket to lead. In addition, adherence to ISO DF-4 technology enables compatibility with commercially-available TV-ICDs.

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The Lead that Delivers,

with the ICDs you Already Know.

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Low defibrillation energy requirements
With low defibrillation energy requirements, the AtaCor EV-ICD Lead System is being designed to enable cost-effective extravascular sensing and defibrillation without relying on custom EV-ICDs. Preliminary data show the AtaCor EV-ICD Lead System defibrillates safely with standard energy ICDs.
40J. The AtaCor EV-ICD Lead System is being designed to enable reliable defibrillation with half the energy requirements of S-ICDs.

Furthermore, the AtaCor EV-ICD Lead System’s parasternal approach is being designed to deliver targeted energy within the mediastinum to the ventricles to terminate ventricular tachyarrhythmias, thereby reducing the energy requirements compared to subcutaneous systems.

Place it above the heart

Proprietary parasternal lead placement supports a favorable transthoracic shock vector.

Reliable Sensing

Extravascular Sensing, Bradycardia Pacing, and ATP

all in one.

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The benefits of extravascular ICD lead delivery with the therapy to manage cardiac dysrhythmia. Unlike other EV-ICDs which lack pacing capabilities needed to treat bradycardia and tachycardia, the AtaCor EV-ICD Lead System is being developed to deliver bradycardia pacing, ATP, and reliably defibrillate—all without touching the heart or vascular system.
Reduced Patient Discomfort

Extravascular Safety

Reduced footprint,

Increased comfort

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Extravascular Safety

Beyond cost-savings, AtaCor EV-ICD Lead System’s low defibrillation energy requirements allow for implantation of commercially-available TV-ICDs that may be smaller and thinner than subcutaneous ICDs, which can improve patient comfort and cosmetic appearance, particularly in low-BMI patients.

Transvenous Compatibility

with Extravascular Delivery

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Accurate sensing, pacing, ATP, and defibrillation—all without touching the heart. By leveraging anatomical landmarks to enable extravascular lead delivery, the AtaCor EV-ICD Lead System is being designed to be compatible with DF-4 technology to deliver the convenience, cost-savings, and therapy associated with time-tested TV-ICDs without the complications of transvenous leads.

Simplifying Patient Maagement
Venous Access Complication
Valvular Interference and Lead Dislodgement
Systemic Infection

Designed with

Simplicity in mind.

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Intentional Design
Purposely-designed to streamline extravascular ICD lead insertion while delivering shock, bradycardia pacing, and ATP therapies using commercially-available TV-ICDs, the AtaCor EV-ICD Lead System takes the standard of care to a higher standard.

The ShockTrac Lead
AtaCor EC-ICD Delivery Tool