A new approach to CARDIAc PACING

AtaCor Medical is revolutionizing the world of cardiac pacing.


Today, when a patient needs a pacemaker, only a few options exist... all of which require wires (leads) or other hardware to be placed inside their heart.

Here at AtaCor, we believe there is a better option.


heart untouched

AtaCor is developing the world's first pacing system that keeps the heart and veins free from pacing leads and hardware.

Our novel pacing lead resides in the tissue above the heart and can be inserted without X-ray or other equipment.  This unique approach allows physicians to quickly deploy temporary or emergency pacing therapy when time is of the essence.

Furthermore, with connection to AtaCor's pacemaker, permanent ventricular pacing therapy will be available in single chamber or AV synchronous modes...
all without touching the heart


The AtaCor pacing lead can be easily and safely delivered using a novel delivery tool that allows the physician to insert the lead to the target tissue without the need for medical imaging... all while leaving the heart untouched.

The AtaCor pacing system is under development and not approved for sale in any geography.

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